I can support you with technical support workshop assistance cutting your videos recording your session creating a safer space making a Powerpoint professional content learning who to cut

Giving you tips

Giving you tips

with your online facilitation.

I can show you how to set up a professional virtual room and share with you some useful tips and tricks online, as well as offline at home - which background, lights, camera, and microphone you can use. Let’s get the most out of your equipment!

Sliding Scale Prices

Creative Consulting

  • Check-In Call
    Clarifying your needs & wants.
  • 1 session
    50€ /h
    Zoom or Phone call.
  • 3 Sessions
    60 to 90 minutes call
Cutting your Video

Cutting your Video

& making it look professional

I can edit your recordings to a professional movie/clip/trailer. In over 8 years of professional editing, I gained a lot of experience to support you in this. Let’s pimp up your recordings. Adding your logo, removing long breaks or a slip of the tongue. Supporting you with creating content for an online course or a youtube channel.

Video Editing 

  • Starting at
    45€ /h
    Price is depending on the Project and can be negotiated individually. Packages are possible.
Technical Support

Technical Support

& Workshop Assistance

Let me support you with your workshops in Zoom, Jitsi, Google Meet so you can focus on your speech. I can manage the waiting room, setting up breakout rooms, mute/unmute people, record the session, answering questions in the chat, posting links, being emotional support for you, and the participants... This and much more!

Price of Assistance

  • Regular Workshop or Event
    20€ / h
    With an entry fee between 0-30€
  • Higher Priced Event or Workshop
    40€ / h
    With an participation fee between 30-75€
  • Training / Courses
    Can be discussed individually.

Work Sample

Teaser Video for the Intimate Revolution 2019.    Editor & Produktion: Janina Vivianne      Kamera: Gregory

  • Education

    • 2012 – 2018 Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg Diploma in Editing
    • 2005- 2010 Höhere Graphische Lehranstalt – Multimedia 
    • 1997- 2005 Lycée Francais de Vienne
  • Additional Trainings:

    • Video Journalism Course
    • Director Workshop 
    • Script/Continuity Course
    • Premiere Pro CC Course
    • Avid Media Composer Course
  • Languages:

    • German (mother tongue)
    • French (father tongue)
    • English (fluid)
    • Spanish (basics)
  • Editing:

    • Premiere Pro CC
    • Avid Media Composer 
    • Davinci Resolve
  • Graphic & Photography:

    • Photoshop – Images, logos
    • Lightroom – Image editor
    • Illustrator – logos & vektors
    • InDesign – Layout for Print