We give workshops about safer sex love with more then two speed dating consent creating a safer space playfight sex-positivity

Janina Vivianne is a sex-positive activist, editor and event organizer. 

She studied film editing 5 years at one of Germany’s best film schools. Since the Covid-19 Pandemic, she offers edits movies again and offers technical support or Zoom and other Online Platforms.

Based in Europe, her mission is to spread sex-positivite awareness with a speciality in safer sex. Filled with energy and enthusiasm, she spreads her knowledge on Safer sex, STIs and “Love with more than Two”. She also holds workshops on connection, self-love & body and sex-positivity.

She is the mastermind behind The Parallel Universe – An Adult Playground Festival – and founded Sex-Aware /a Safer Sex Association to promote sexual health, tests, and disease prevention. She co-created The Intimate Revolution festival, a sex-positive, kink-loving festival. She also is the driving force behind The Sex-positive Community Europe project and  sex-positive.com, a platform for information about sex-positivity in all of Europe.

Her vision is to create a strong platform for a European Sex-positive Movement. A movement that encourages a community nurtured by trust and mutual respect, creating SafeR spaces where people of all genders, identity, and backgrounds can explore different forms of connections fitting to their wishes and boundaries.