The Loslassen Association gives workshops about safer sex love with more then two speed dating consent creating a safer space playfight sex-positivity accountability communication

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2021/22 Sexological Bodywork Year training

2021 Sexologische Basiskompetenzen at  ÖGS 

2021 Consent & Leadership Training

2019 Training at ATMA Institute about emotions and bodywork 

2018  Sexological Bodywork Basic Course

2012 – 2018 Filmakademie studies

2006 – 2010 HTL Graphische – Multimedia

About the facilitator:

Janina Vivianne is a body & sex-positive activist, editor and event organizer. 

Based in Europe, her mission is to spread sex-positive awareness. Filled with energy and enthusiasm, she spreads her knowledge on Safer sex, STIs, “Love with more than Two” , Awareness and Accountability. She also holds workshops on connection, self-love & body and sex-positivity.

She is the mastermind behind The Parallel Universe – An Adult Playground Festival – and co-founded Sex-Aware /a Safer Sex Association to promote sexual health, tests, and disease prevention. She is part of the Orgateam of the The Intimate Revolution festival, a sex-positive, kink-loving festival. She also is the driving force behind The Sex-positive Community Europe project and, a platform for information about sex-positivity in all of Europe.

Her vision is to create a strong European Sex-positive Movement. A movement that encourages a community nurtured by trust and mutual respect, creating SafeR spaces where people of all genders, identities, and backgrounds can explore different forms of connections fitting to their wishes and boundaries.

Here is a rough overview of what I am working on: