F.A.Q & Code of Conduct

What is the Parallel Universe?

The Parallel Universe is a body- and sex-positive happening, an adult playground. We want to create a safe(r) space to express yourself and explore your (otherwise maybe hidden) desires and longings. The Parallel Universe events are sober parties – we want to explore this universe without the distraction of any kind of substances. 

Why did we create the Parallel Universe?

We want to provide a safe(r) space where people can connect with their inner child and play free from stereotypical and societal norms. We want to make the world more inclusive, more passionate, more playful and a bit sexier. Also, we want to bring topics around intimacy, diversity and safer sex into wider awareness.

What happens at the events?

There are a thousand ways to experience the Parallel Universe – it will be different for everyone, each time. There will be workshops, games, performances, discussions, music, dance and open spaces for connection, your own creativity and self-expression.

What is included in the events, what do I have to bring?

This changes from event to event, so please read the description of the specific one you want to attend and check your email two days before the event. 

What does sex-positivity mean?

We see sexuality as a positive element in human life. We have an open and welcoming attitude towards its many expressions or consciously chosen non-expressions, along with an awareness of sexual health and consent. Our passion is based on experiencing sexuality as an enriching and empowering force in our own lives. Sex-positivity doesn’t necessarily mean to have sexual encounters with numerous people or attending play parties or orgies. It means to reflect on your own sexuality, act non-judgmentally, consensually and respectfully toward yourself, and others and their sexuality.

What does body-positivity mean?

Everybody is welcome – no matter the shape, gender or orientation. To us, body-positivity also means fighting against sexism, taboos, stigma, racism and colonization, heteronormativity and homophobia, ableism or ageism. The Parallel Universe is a space without body-shaming and open for all bodies beautiful in all their differences.

Is this a sex* party?

The Parallel Universe is no giant orgy or a swinger party. We want to create a space without taboos or shame, where people can express their sexual and sensual desires. We will provide open spaces for various kinds of interaction* – cuddle areas, play areas, room for kinky experiences as well as non-sexual spaces and workshops. 

Will there be nudity? 

Yes, you are invited to dress or undress as you feel like. Please cover your but or use a lunghi or towel to lay on a mattress. 

Will I see people having sex?

What happens in the Parallel Universe depends on the guests’ mood, but it is quite likely for you to see naked people and to witness people engaging in different kinds of intimacy. However, we will always provide an area for only non-sexual interactions or special spaces for sexual engagement.

Do I have to engage with someone or be intimate?

No. You are free to do whatever you want as long as you have the consent of everyone involved. We will offer plenty of different areas for all kinds of needs and desires.

Where can I have sex?

We will introduce the different areas and spaces at the beginning of each event. Please arrive on time and be especially attentive in the beginning to help create a safe(r) space for all people attending. 

Can I only watch others?

We consider voyeurism (watching others having sex) as taking part in a sexual interaction, therefore it needs the consent of all people involved. Depending on the designated area you are in, it might or might not need explicit consent. If you enter the playroom you might not need to ask, witnessing a couple in private intimacy you will most likely have to ask for their consent to watch them. Don’t be shy, just ask if you can watch and take a Yes or a No graciously. In case of uncertainties please reach out to our Consent Angels.

What do the 4 Cs mean? 


  • We check in with each other – only a Hell Yes is a Yes
  • We respect personal boundaries – we respect all different kinds of a No
  • There is no pre-consent – any given consent can be withdrawn a minute later, check-in with others regularly


  • We respect you in your whole truth – feel free to express what you need and want
  • We work to create a space (and maybe someday a world) without sex-shaming, kink-shaming, slut-shaming or body shaming
  • We care for each other – everything is possible, nothing is obligated
  • Sexual health is important to us we protect each other and get tested regularly 
  • We help each other out if someone seems in trouble, stressed out or frozen.
  • We value self-reliance and self care.


  • We trust each other to treat all people with respect and not ‘out’ others.
  • We see it as an honor to witness other people to express their sensual and sexual self
  • We won’t share stories on that aren’t our own, without identifying others.
  • We don’t take non-consensual pictures


  • Please test at the Entrance or bring a max. 48 h PCR test
  • Please use the provided hand sanitizer 
  • Wash your hands before and after touching objects, doors etc.
  • Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Longer is better.

What does Consent mean?

Consent is about the people involved in any kind of action. It is the right to say Yes or No to whatever affects you in a certain activity. It is important to understand that previous consent for intimacy never overrides the withdrawal of consent in the present moment. In other words: Only a Hell Yes! is a Yes. And this applies anew to every moment.

How to say No in a nice way?

There are many different ways to say No and a No doesn’t need to come in harsh words. Try out what suits your mood! As important as it is to express a No, it is equally as important to hear a No and respond gracefully – for yourself and the person being brave enough to protect their boundaries. Please find your favorite way to say No or respond to a No with this poster. Print it and spread the word!

What kind of behavior will be accepted, what will be penalized?

If it feels good and everybody involved likes what is happening, we will not limit your playfulness and your pleasure in any way. However, if we witness or hear of any kind of violation of the principle of consent we will act accordingly. This can mean the exclusion of individuals from the ongoing event or even all future events.

How do you take care of your guests?

Consent Angels are our guardians and your safety contact in case you feel confused or insecure. Whenever you have a question, feel overwhelmed or overtaxed, don’t hesitate to reach out to them or the organizer janina vivianne.

How can I recognize a Consent Angel?

Consent Angels will be wearing recognizable costumes or accessories. We will introduce them at the events so everyone can easily find them at any time.

Can I be a Consent Angel?

Our Consent Angels are carefully selected and have a lot of personal experience at sex-positive events. If you consider volunteering as a Consent Angel we will be happy to receive your application! Email us and tell us about your motivation and about the events you have been attending in the past.

What does Confidentiality mean?

What happens in the Parallel Universe stays in the Parallel Universe. How people express themselves there might be stigmatized in their daily life, so please treat other people and their realities with respect and confidentiality. We won’t share stories on that aren’t our own, without identifying others, its  not allowed to ‘out’ others, .

Can I take pictures?

Not without the consent of all people involved. You are free to take selfies (careful with people in the background!), and you are free to take group pictures with people who gave you their consent. We won’t collect smartphones or put stickers on your camera, we believe in self-reliance and trust you to follow our principles. Consent Angels will enforce this rule.

How many people will there be?

Usually our events are fully booked with approximately 60 to 80 people, depending on the location and capacity. 

Who will be attending?

Our guests come as singles, couples, throuples, polycules or in other constellations, we don’t choose by the number but by their awareness and responsibility. We invite people of all genders and orientations, and we love to see diversity.

Can anybody come?

We strive to create a comfortable atmosphere in which you feel welcome and in safe hands. Therefore we invite people we already know and trust, let guests bring their friends and lovers, and try to get to know those who are new to us in order to create an intimate atmosphere.

A pre-registration is mandatory, there will be no tickets sold at the door.

How do I apply and what do I need to pay attention to?

It is an essential aim of the Parallel Universe to create a safer space with people who know and value our principles, especially the principle of Consent, Care and Confidentiality. During the application we will ask you some questions. Also, please tell us if you know someone o f the team and what you expect from the Parallel Universe. We will get in touch with you to get to know you a bit better.

If I come alone, how do I find people to interact with?

The Parallel Universe will provide a lot of activities to get to know each other without pressure. Come early and give yourself enough time to arrive at the venue, to get in touch with yourself, the Parallel Universe and perhaps other human beings.

Can I take pictures or record the performances?

Only in our Photobooth: 

In this Area you are free to take selfies (careful with people in the background!), and you are free to take group pictures with people who gave you their consent. We won’t collect smartphones or put stickers on your camera, we believe in self-reliance and trust you to follow our principles.

 If we see or get reported any abuse you will have to leave the event. 

It is forbidden to record or publish videos or photos of other peoples without their consent !

How can I buy a ticket?

You can apply here for a ticket through an online-form in each event description. There are more people wanting to come than we can host, so we have to select our guests. Please register and wait for approval. As soon as you have been approved, we kindly ask you to transfer the money via online banking or Paypal to secure your spot.

Can I buy tickets for my friends?

No, each person has to apply for themselves. However, you can let us know if you and a new friend want to come together and we will try to make sure that all of you will get in. 

What if I cancel at the last minute? Will I get a refund?

Yes, we can refund your ticket depending on when you cancel.

  • If you cancel up to 14 days before the Event, we invite you to make a donation, but cancellation for free is possible.

  • If you cancel up to 7 days before the Event, we ask you to pay 30% of the amount you specified as a cancellation fee to cover our admin costs.

  • If you cancel up to 3 days before the Event, we do ask to cover at least 50% to cover a minimum of our own financial losses.

  • If you have to cancel at the last minute ( in the 48h before the event), we can only refund parts of your ticket in special cases. ( sickness, family emergencies )

  • If you don’t cancel and don’t come, we can not refund you.

Please be aware that your application is sticking even if you have not sent the money yet. If you don’t cancel we will ask you to send the missing amount.

Is the venue accessible?

Yes, all entrances to our venues are fully accessible and on the same floor with little or no thresholds. The gender-neutral toilets include at least two accessible toilets. . Our workshops are for all bodies, gender identities, sexual orientations and accessible for people of all abilities. Please reach out to us beforehand if you have any questions or would like to let us know about your special needs.

I am deaf/blind and want to bring somebody to assist me. How does that work?

If you need a personal assistant or an assistant dog please reach out to us in advance and we will find a way to suit your needs!

What shall I wear?

Whatever you feel like! Wear whatever makes you feel good and what expresses the very You in this moment. Come in your favorite costume, in your most seducing underwear, dress in what you never dared to wear before or come in your pyjamas. Some of our events will offer a costume & photo corner. We dress to express, not to impress! 

I would really like to come, but I can’t afford the entrance fee.

If there is one thing we shouldn’t have to worry about, it is money (although we know how it feels to worry about money). We want to make the Parallel Universe as inclusive as possible and will certainly find a way for you to participate. Whether this includes some voluntary action, payment in parts or low-income tickets. Please email us at paralleluniverse [dot] eu [ät] gmail [dot] com !

I am nervous. What can I do?

Don’t worry. We are all nervous when we engage in something new. As a first-timer we recommend you to come early so you have enough time to connect with the space and the people around you. The Emotional Support Team will be in sight at all times and our core team ( Janina, Lian & Marek) will be there to support you. Also, please reach out via email if you have any questions!

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We are a non-profit website for one of the projects from the Loslassen association, The Parallel Universe. One of the Founding members  & current president is Janina Vivianne. By joining our event you become supportive member of the Association this give you the possibity to be part of your community and attend any event of this Association without a new application.

ZVR: 1907889329

The Parallel Universe is a research project from

Letting go – Association for art, culture and personal development

The non-profit activity of the association is not profit-oriented and has the following idealistic purpose: 

(1) The focus of the Association’s work is the human being and the promotion and further development of the cultures, arts, customs, & traditions , as well as the research and communication of social values and cultural techniques which positively support the individual in his or her personal development. 

(2) The work of the association promotes the letting go of taboos and partly shamefaced social norms and conventions in a safe framework, in order to enable a conscious reinvention of one’s own actions and preferences with regard to interpersonal interactions.

(3) The creation of experiential spaces in which members of the association can relax and connect with others. Loving, interpersonal and romantic relationships are the focus of knowledge transfer, personality development and workshops especially on the topics of (self-)love, serenity and joie de vivre. 

(4) The association also promotes the creativity of its members and offers various opportunities to try out, express and develop oneself in a creative and playful way. The positive effect of creative creation both as an individual and as a group should bring the lost value of art and culture as a meaningful and community-building basic element of human community back to the centre of consciousness.

By joining our event you become supportive member of the Association this give you the possibity to be part of your community and attend any event of this Association without a new application.

The supportive member have no right to vote or any other obligations towards the association. Ending your membership is possible at any time with an email to paralleluniverseDOTeuÄTgmailDOTcom

More Questions? Write us a mail.


The Parallel Universe ist ein Forschungsprojekt des Vereins

Loslassen – ein Gemeinwohlfördernder Verein für Kunst-, Kultur- und Persönlichkeitsentwicklung

Die gemeinnützige Tätigkeit des Vereins ist nicht auf Gewinn ausgerichtet und hat folgenden ideellen Zweck: 

(1) Im Mittelpunkt der Vereinsarbeit stehen der Mensch und die Förderung sowie die Weiterentwicklung der von ihm geschaffenen Kulturen, Künste, Sitten, Traditionen und Bräuche, sowie die Erforschung und Vermittlung von gesellschaftlichen Werten und Kulturtechniken, welche das Individuum in seiner Persönlichkeitsentwicklung positiv unterstützen.

(2) Die Vereinsarbeit fördert das Loslassen von tabuisierten und teilweise schambesetzten gesellschaftlichen Normen und Konventionen in einem sicheren Rahmen, um eine bewusste Neuerfindung des eigenen Handelns und der eigenen Vorlieben in Bezug auf zwischenmenschliche Interaktionen zu ermöglichen.

(3) Das Schaffen von Erfahrungsräumen, in denen die Vereinsmitglieder sich entspannen und mit anderen in Verbindung treten können. Bei Wissensvermittlung, Persönlichkeitsentwicklung und Workshops speziell zu den Themen (Selbst-)Liebe, Gelassenheit und Lebensfreude stehen liebevolle, zwischenmenschliche und romantische Beziehungen im Fokus. 

(4) Der Verein fördert zudem die Kreativität der Mitglieder und bietet diverse Möglichkeiten, sich kreativ und spielerisch auszuprobieren, auszudrücken und zu entfalten. Die positive Wirkung kreativen Erschaffens sowohl als Individuum als auch als Gruppe sollen den verlorengegangenen Stellenwert von Kunst und Kultur als sinn- und gemeinschaftsstiftendes Grundelement menschlicher Gemeinschaft wieder stärker ins Zentrum des Bewusstseins rücken. 

Mit der Teilnahme an einer unserer Veranstaltungen, werden Sie Fördermitglied des Vereins Loslassen, dies gibt Ihnen die Möglichkeit , Teil Ihrer Community zu sein und an jeder Veranstaltung teilzunehmen ohne sich erneut bewerben zu müssen.

Das Fördermitglied hat kein Stimmrecht oder andere Verpflichtungen gegenüber dem Verein. Die Beendigung Ihrer Mitgliedschaft ist jederzeit mit einer E-Mail an paralleluniverseDOTeuÄTgmailDOTcom möglich.

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